Workshop: Re-Potting + Totem

Workshop: Re-Potting + Totem

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Have a plant that needs repotting? Let’s get our hands dirty! Bring a plant of your choice that is ready for a re-potting (don’t know? Feel free to ask) We’ll have soil mixtures, terracotta pots, and all the supplies needed to successfully move your plant into its new home, AND we’ll be making our own totem poles to help your plants climb and grow even more beautiful! As we pot, we’ll talk about how to choose the right pot, when to repot, how to choose soil, and other things related to growing plants.

If you have a planter of your own you’d like to use, please contact me regarding that

Wednesday, August 3 6-8pm

Workshops will be hosted by NoMa Warehouse 2222 Sumter Street